Preparing For The End: The Proper Hug

The Proper Hug

The end is near. What reads like an apocalyptic statement is, in fact, something to look forward to. And no, I don’t mean to celebrate the beauty of those four horses and its riders. Neither the spectacular view we might have when watching the all-devouring inferno.


I speak about the coming end of being socially distanced from your loved ones.

It is great that so many people share their knowledge about how we can remain healthy and sane during those exceptional times. I want to add my part by writing about things we can do already now to be prepared when the end comes.

And in this post, I want to write about the proper hug.

Yes, there is THE right technique to hug. Over are the times of mediocre hugging each other. Hugs that last only a few seconds. Hugs that try to exist with a bare minimum of touch. Hugs that feel so awkward, we don’t really know what had happened. I say ENOUGH =) !

To perform a proper hug, you need to be close. For a long time. The goal is to really feel the connection to the person you are hugging. That is why you want to bring both hearts together. This means that your right arm goes over the shoulder of the person you are hugging and your left arm goes beneath the shoulder. The other person is doing the same. Then, you get together as close as possible and you start to breathe. Try to synchronize your breaths with each other, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Do this for as long as you want, but take your time.

I promise you will feel a different connection with the other person. And once you experienced a proper hug, you will yearn for the intimacy it provides.

So, in order to be prepared to give your best friend, family member, acquaintance THE HUG of his/her life, you have to put in the hard work by training the proper hug with the people that are available around you right now =). (My lawyers told me that I need to tell you to ask for consent first ^^).

Have a wonderful day and take care of each other, Stephan.


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