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A Strong Me for My Vision
Hello there,
In my newest free workshop “A Strong Me for My Vision“, we will have a look at what makes you strong. What strengths and resources do you have and how should your optimal environment look like. We will then undertake steps to bring you closer to identifying your vision and how you can actually get closer living it day in day out.

If you are interested, click the link to register:

I am looking forward to seeing you in the workshop, Stephan

We could be a great match, if...

Are you looking for a new career path? You have the feeling not to live the life you would like to live? You lack a direction in your life? You want to expand your leadership skills in order to create an optimal working environment for you and your team? Or do you feel your life is grey and want to bring back some colour? Then coaching with me makes sense.

You and your company want to create a culture where people can flourish? Or you want your team to grow closer together? Or you want to experience what a strength approach can do for your team or company? Then, training makes sense.

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This is how our working relationship will look like...

Our work can only be crowned with success, if we work very close to your reality. For this purpose, we work with a mix of interactive and creative methods (e.g. from Design Thinking) and reflection. I will try to bring a little magic into our work by using my strengths. This will also include to having fun. It is not only proven that you learn better when you have fun, you are also much more creative and open for new things. Optimal conditions for a successful adventure. 

My Beliefs

I firmly believe that understanding ourselves is the most important job every one of us needs to do in life. 

I also belief that this understanding needs to be paired with taking action.

I know that each of us can change and grow as long as we…

  • have the belief that we can, meaning that it is in our power
  • take ownership of our own destiny
  • are ready for it, meaning in the right state of mind
… I will make sure that you see and then act upon what you are capable of.
My Offers


I understand coaching as a partnership process in which we look together to find out how you can best solve your concerns. For you. It also means that we look at the resources that are in you.


I like to work with leaders to expand their leadership skills. I know about the special situation of many managers, who are often faced with a dilemma due to expectations from “above” and “below”.

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