Coaching makes sense if…

Coaching is useful as an accompaniment to a concern for which You have not yet found a solution. Coaching can also be useful, if You want a partner to accompany you in your concern, even if You already know the solution and only need support.

Furthermore, coaching is useful as individual support for a previous workshop. This helps to deepen what You have learned through joint reflection and to adapt it to Your situation.

It makes no sense to hope for answers and advice from me. This can and will only be the last refuge in our coaching. Anyway, I am convinced that all answers can be found in You and we will find them together.

My thoughts about coaching…

I understand coaching as a collaborative partnership in which we find out together how we can best deal with your concerns. It also means that we look at the resources you have within You. Which strengths, behaviours, thinking patterns, people etc. can play a role in Your situation? You know Your world best, so it makes little sense for me to tell You what to do. The solution already lies within You. 

I will gladly accompany You on Your exciting journey of discovery. With good questions, a safe atmosphere and the goal to achieve the best possible result for You.

This is me as a coach…

I pursue two coaching approaches that can be combined well. These are the Systemic Coaching approach and the Positive Coaching approach.

You will find a pleasant atmosphere in which it is possible to let yourself go and open up. This is one of my particular strengths =). Emotions of all kinds are allowed and have their justification and are welcome to be heard in our conversations.

You can expect me to listen to you VERY well: Sometimes I will ask difficult questions and always keep the big picture in mind. Plus, a pinch of humour. I am also someone who thinks very quickly and thus quickly recognizes specific connections. Oh, and there will be homework that we determine and reflect together. Don’t worry, it is not too bad =).


I am interested in fair solutions and would therefore like to take a slightly different route with my prices.

For a coaching session (approx. 60 min) you pay 5% of your monthly net salary. This means that if you earn 2000€ net per month, you pay 100€ per session. There is also the possibility of monthly financing if you would like to take part in a coaching session but only have a certain budget per month.

There is a minimum amount of 50€ and a maximum amount of 2000€ per session. 

And for those who pay more because of your income than someone with a lower income I have two things to say. First, thank you! And secondly, you support others who may not have been so lucky in the lottery of life (financially speaking) and those who have a job that is incredibly important for all of us but is often not adequately paid (e.g. educator).