My Story


My experience in a nutshell…

  • 10+ years Competitive Athlete
    • Learnings: how to deal with the pressure to perform / how to deal with ups and downs / Teamwork
  • 4+ years Training Development Consultant at Accenture
    Learnings: Virtual Training Methods / Project Management (incl. Team Leadership) / Design Thinking (Coach) / Mindfulness at Work (Coach) / Leadership Training (Trainer)
  • 8+ years Trainer
    Learnings: design and conduct face-to-face trainings for small and large groups / (Virtual) Team Leadership / Intercultural Competencies / Leadership Trainings / Team Development / other Soft Skill Trainings (Emotional Intelligence, Communication etc.) / Positive Psychology Trainings (Strengths, Values, Meaning, Resilience, Emotions…)
  • 3+ years Coach
    Learnings: Individual and Group Coaching / Systemic Coaching / Positive Coaching / Leadership Coaching
  • 34+ years being a Human Being
    Learnings: my destiny is in my hands / ask questions > make assumptions / it is often better to be a mirror than a sponge

This is why I love what I am doing…

There is so much beauty in our world. Even if I can’t always see it myself. But there are also enough aspects that should be addressed so that our world can become better. For many years this was one of the reasons that kept me from doing what I was supposed to be doing in my life and what, in my deepest inner being, I had known for a long time. I just could not decide on one thing. So much injustice around me and so many ideas in my head, combined with the fear of the unknown were not a good combination and this kept me remaining stuck in passivity.

It took a long, and sometimes painful, process to gain the strength and conviction to follow my path. And to follow it, with all my mistakes and shortcomings, but, and above all, my strengths, values, hopes and goals.

This process has shown me how beautiful life is when you say yes to yourself. Then the people around me feel that as well. During my work, I see it mostly in the eyes of my clients and workshop participants. When they start to sparkle again, as we know it from children, I feel confirmed in my work. Then I feel good, full of creativity and energy and I know: I am following my path.

I want to help everyone to find their path and to strengthen their inner radiance.

And now I invite you to a short experiment. Close your eyes and imagine that all people around you are happy and satisfied and that they experience consideration, support and kindness. How does it feel? What kind of place would our world be then?

I think a better one. And that is why I do what I do.

This is me…

I think a lot. Sometimes too much. If your thoughts are not focused, they often run in circles. And the thoughts that come are seldom of a positive nature. A vicious circle develops, at the end of which I feel down. 

This was my world before I was 22 years old. And then I fell into a hole that was so deep that it took a whole year to get to a point where I could reflect on what had happened. It was not a good time, but it had a lasting effect on me. Now I am grateful for it. The first question that popped into my head at the time was: What can I do to prevent something like this from happening again? 

This thought was the start of a journey that is far from over. During this time, I learned a lot about myself. I was very honest with myself, which took some effort and was not always easy. I got to know my strengths and I had a clearer idea about how my life should look like. This experience helps me in my conversations to put myself in the position of my counterpart.

Performance is always a big part of my life. I went to a sports school with extra training and played for a very good football club for a long time, when I was young. My master’s degree was a double master’s degree in which a lot was demanded. From the professors and my fellow students. Afterwards, I went to a big consulting company. In short, all environments where performance is expected and where there is a certain level of competition. These experiences have shaped me in many ways. I have noticed that I can deal well with pressure and stress and, in these phases, even free up additional energy. But I have also noticed how it strains me and my fellow peers. During my time at the consulting company and my work as a facilitator, I have learned a lot about leadership and know what a difficult position a manager often finds him-/herself in.

I have worked with small and large groups at several conferences and have developed and conducted a variety of team trainings and soft skill trainings. Furthermore, I have led a large international leadership conference and worked with my team of trainers both virtually and physically. During my time with the consulting firm, I was trained as a Design Thinking Coach and Mindfulness Coach and trained my colleagues from all over the world in several workshops and programs.

As a Positive Psychology coach, I have worked with many clients and, because it is important to me to give something back, I work as a coach for the non-profit ProjectTogether.

This is how I grow…

My desire to understand myself and others means that I will never stop learning. Since I am constantly changing and the world is changing too, standing still literally means regress. That is not going to happen with me =).

I have train-the-trainer training (AIESEC), mindfulness training (Potential Project), design thinking training (Accenture) and coaching training in Positive Psychology (German Society for Positive Psychology) based on the systemic coaching approach. My next vocational training is already planned and will be to become a Trainer in Positive Psychology.

Moreover, I am a bookworm. I read a lot to keep up with the latest scientific findings and to broaden my horizon. I take a lot of time to reflect on myself, my thoughts and my behaviour. I also look at how I can apply new insights and new knowledge. For this purpose, I like to experiment, and I am my own guinea pig. Only by learning from my own experiences am I able to give real information. About certain methods and how they work and what must be considered. This is very important to me, because I don’t like to “teach” something I have never experienced myself.

How can I help YOU grow?