What Price are You Willing to Pay?

What Price are You Willing to Pay?

Inspiration can be found everywhere. One of my newer hobbies is board games. And since I like to listen to what’s going on in the world of board games, I follow some YouTube channels.

The price of our dreams

One of my favorites is “Quackalope“. Besides beautiful recordings of the games, the founder talks about other topics from time to time. Like yesterday when he philosophized about the topic “What is holding you back? It’s not a video a la “You have to do this and that and that”, but he speaks more to himself than to the audience, which makes it a pleasant experience to listen to.

At the end of the video he addresses a point that is not new, but for me it comes at a good time.

“What price are you willing to pay?”

Many of us have wishes, goals and ideas about what we still want to achieve in our lives or what our life should look like in the best case. We imagine in our thoughts how nice it would be to achieve this and, if we are good, we even become active to go in the right direction. We make plans and, if we are smart, we get support for difficult tasks or setbacks.

But I also know from my own experience that even following all these points is not always enough. I have many ideas and an inner voice that is very ambitious. I have noticed that many people carry this voice within themselves. And although this can be a real motivator, this voice can also hold us back and/or overtax us.

Furthermore, there are other things that magically hold us back and we don’t know why. I believe that by answering the question about the price, we can shed light on this.

Do you want to pay the price? Are you sure?

One of my goals is to work successfully as a coach and trainer. And although the image I have in my head feels very good and motivates me, there are one or more things that keep me from working at full strength on this vision every day. As I mentioned before, there are also the costs involved in making this dream come true.

Especially in the beginning it means to put a lot of time into development. Time that I also want to spend on other things that are very important to me. It also means financial restrictions over a probably longer period of time. Sure, once it’s up and running, it’s all water under the bridge, but the head and body feel the lack first (Negativity Bias says hello). And these are just a few of the costs.

Then the question arises whether I am willing to pay these costs. This is something everyone has to decide for himself. For me? The answer to this question is in progress.

What price are you willing to pay?

If I am not willing to pay this price, but it is such a great wish of mine, does that mean that I have to put the dream to rest?

No. Of course not. The world is neither black nor white and I have different options to find a solution. This means that I have to decide what price I am willing to pay. This could mean for me that I take a step back and accept a part-time job to be financially secure. It could also mean that I negotiate with my inner voice of ambition and then give myself more time until when I want to achieve success.

And yes you are right. Of course, this decision also carries costs. How can you be sure to do the right thing? This answer is simple. You cannot be sure. What I do is listen to my body. Does the decision give me a good feeling? Do I have more clarity and more energy? Then I am probably on the right track.

What is holding you back?

As a coach I often get to the point in my conversations where we talk about goals and what stands in the way of achieving them. These can be hidden costs but also hidden advantages of our current behavior. Furthermore, our own thoughts play a special role.

If you want to bring light into the dark in order to be able to follow your path to your goals in the best possible way, then email me and we will have a free initial consultation to see if we want to follow your path together.

Otherwise I have only one question: What price are you willing to pay?

I wish you a lot of energy,



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