Preparing For The End: Planning A Welcome Back To Normal Party

Back To Normal Party

This is the 2nd part of my mini-series on how to prepare for the end. In the last post, I wrote about the true and only way to hug someone: The Proper Hug. In this post, I will write about something most of us enjoy. Planning a party with friends and/or family.

Planning something we are looking forward to like a vacation or a get together with loved ones has the power to provide us with hope, motivation, and energy. And not only do we get those benefits when the planning turns into the actual experience but we will feel the benefits already now.

So why don’t you and your family/friends start planning a “Welcome Back to Normal Party”? After being forced to social distance for several weeks and maybe some more to come, I think we all deserve to celebrate our soon-to-have-back freedom accordingly. Even if the exact date might still be vague, you can already start planning, e.g. if the party should have a theme or not. Maybe a super colorful theme to celebrate life or a medical-themed party to honor all those people who fight for our lives and experience many hardships while doing so.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to try out new recipes to. Get creative, your friends/family will be grateful for a new culinary experience. Just talk to your loved ones and determine who will be responsible for what.

If you are a fan of dark humor (like me), why not create a corona-themed playlist. After all those heartbreaking  stories and being constantly bombarded by negative reporting on the matter , I think it can be a good idea to balance the scale a little bit.

Maybe you can add some more positivity to the party by doing some positive gossiping. For that, you need one chair that is directed toward a wall and where you will place the person you are going to gossip about. The rest of you is standing behind the chair and start gossiping as if the person on the chair is not in the room. Remember that it is called POSITIVE gossiping. So only things that you admire, like, find fascinating about this person are allowed. It is a wonderful little game that will bring you closer to each other and will provide a lot of opportunities for proper hugging each other =).

But in the end, you know best how to create THE BEST welcome back to normal party. Enjoy the planning process and feel the positive energy it will provide you with.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe and take care, Stephan


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