A new chapter

I have wanted to write this post for a very long time…

In October 2017, I was in a desperate state. It was a few days before my sister’s wedding and I felt incredibly lonely because I couldn’t stop thinking about my ex. I was feeling unhappy with my job and I was living in an environment in which all of my friends lived somewhere else. A truly suboptimal state to be in. I had completely lost the joy for life.

So I started a project with the aim to help me reawaken some of this joy and to make sense of why and how I slipped into this mess I made for myself. This was the start of my blog called “stories of a colorful life”. Every single day for one year, I sat down and wrote a post about something that was keeping my mind busy or that I was passionate to write about.

After the project was over, I took a long break from writing. At least publicly, but more on that later. But because writing was an essential part which helped me to make tiny steps into the right direction and it became something I enjoy doing, I think it is fitting to start a new (bigger) project with a post, too.

After years of struggling, after years of looking for the confidence, energy, and conviction to follow my path, the time has finally come. In December last year, I decided to quit my job. The trigger was that I needed to access my work laptop to ask a question to one of our department leads, if I could participate in a training. Before I started the laptop, I had a huge knot in my stomach and I told myself that this has to stop. RIGHT NOW. So I made this decision and I felt liberated. Because it was still Christmas time and everyone was on holiday, I scheduled a meeting with my counselor the first day I was back to work in January. Two days later, we had a call with one of the leads in which I told him my decision.

Now, I will be doing something I should have been doing after I left university. I will start my own business as a coach and facilitator. And a bit more =). Sure, I learned a lot during those years which will help me to be a better coach and facilitator but ignoring your path for several years takes its toll. I learned that the hard way.

I also decided to move back to Berlin in my own apartment. I got really lucky and found one in the area where I grew up. Finally, I could design my own apartment and I cannot wait until everything is finished.

So yes, finally, I found the strengths and conviction. I was looking forward to this new chapter in my life…

…and then Corona started.

What a “great” time to become unemployed and start your own business. However, I felt calm. And I still feel calm. Of course, I checked in with myself, if I still want to do it and my internal answer was a clear and loud YES. There is no going back. My path is waiting for me. And there are already so many attractions along this path which are my projects.

In 2018, I started writing a book about strengths (the not public writing, I was referring to earlier) and I already started to continue working on it. I also have an ongoing project regarding emotions and how we can increase our emotional vocabulary. And there is more, but more on those in later posts.

Still, the main focus will be my coaching and training business. Last year I started my coaching education to become a certified Positive Psychology Coach and except the certification, I have finished this education. This brought me a lot of joy and confidence in my abilities as a coach and I already have worked with many people.

This will be an exciting ride. Will it be a bumpy one? Probably. But I am full of energy and excited to start. If you are interested in what I will offer have a look at my website: positive-coach.

Have a wonderful day, Stephan


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