Stephan Nagel Positive Coach

Hello, dear reader,

with this article I now officially start my independence as a coach and trainer.

The last 10 years of my life have brought me to this point. I have gone through some valleys, but they have also always sent me in the right direction. Even if it took a little longer to accept this path for me. I have seen/read countless books, articles, scientific papers and videos that have gradually increased my knowledge. I have reflected a lot about myself as a person and learned a lot about myself and other people.

I know my strengths, my values and my mission. I want to help people to lead a happier life. I want to achieve this by increasing your understanding of yourself and others and I want to support you in living the life you wish for deep inside.

This wish is also transferred to the world of work, where we spend most of our time. I am convinced that we still have room for improvement here.

As a coach and trainer for the topics Positive Psychology, Leadership, Mindfulness and Positive Business I will approach my mission.

Maybe with you?

Have a wonderful day,



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Go”

  1. Super!
    Auf Deinem weiteren Wege wünsche ich Dir von Herzen ganz viel Erfolg, tolle Zusammenarbeiten, positive Transformationen und vor allem Spass. Ich bin mir sicher, viele Leute werden von Deiner Expertise und Deinem Einfühlungsvermögen profitieren können.

    Liebe Grüsse und alles Gute,

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