Consulting makes sense if…

You want a corporate culture with a focus on people? Or you want a more innovative workforce with appropriate processes? Do you intend to contribute with your company to make the people in your company and your customers happy? Then let us talk.

This is what I offer…

I would be happy to consult you and your company on issues related to your corporate or organisational culture. In particular, for topics on how to create a human-centred culture. The numbers of inner terminations, absences due to bad management or overwork and terminations in general are frightening and a serious cost factor for many companies.

Together we look at what structures need to be in place and what adjustments should be made to increase innovation proposals, reduce absenteeism and, above all, keep people healthy. Physically and mentally.

For the best possible outcome, it might make sense to create a mix of consulting, workshops and coaching for a perfect fit.

We often spend more than a third of our day at work. Let us work together that this third contributes to making people happier. They will thank you for it.

This is me as a consultant…

As a former consultant, I am familiar with many different structures and factors that influence corporate culture. I know the screws and know how to ask the right questions. I have one of my master’s degrees in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship and have a natural interest in structures that promote creativity and can therefore lead to more innovation.
As a coach I know that people need to be at the centre of a change process. Together we will develop a plan that takes this requirement into account.
You can expect from me that I will always have the well-being of your people in mind.


Let us talk about what you need and what I can offer.